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Exclusive pricing, easily redeemable rewards points, and integrated storefronts makes shopping simple and cost-effective, giving employees time and resources to do the things that matter most to them.

Corporate Perks is a platform that helps HR Departments take care of their employees ranging from exclusive shopping offers to sharing employee engagement technology.

Corporate Perks helps with everything from your marketing to customer service needs connecting merchants with over 70 million employees and members.

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We are in the business of Corporate Perks

Imagine that thousands of stores had shops in the buildings of thousands of businesses with special pricing and rewards just for those employees. That's what we do.

Corporate Perks, an exclusive marketplace available to employees in over 100,000 corporations including 70% of the Fortune 1000. We partner with over 30,000 merchants to bring employee pricing to our user base, and work with HR departments to build and improve their company culture. We work hard to help our clients, merchant partners, and users fill the gaps which hold them back from greatness. Our products are designed and built towards solving your problems and bettering the world.

HR Departments

Corporate Perks has been voted the #1 employee benefit of the year. Our program manages perks and benefits, simplifies the corporate gifting process and empowers employees to get exactly what they want with exclusive offers.

Working with thousands of departments in the same space allows us to pinpoint the biggest challenges and share the best solutions on our platform. Time you save using our technology and tools allows you to focus on making your employees feel valued.

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Corporate Perks enables employees to purchase anything they need - from apparel, to everyday essentials, to plane tickets - in a single place with exclusive pricing.

Our WOWPoints rewards system gives users points on every purchase that can be easily redeemed. Unlike other rewards structures with blackouts and tricky conversion rates, 100 WOWPoints = $1 and can be spent like regular currency at any time.

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We have access to over 100,000 corporate networks, reaching over 70 million members. Our platform allows merchants to market directly to these networks, with the support of Next Jump’s technology and engineers.

Our integrated OneCart technology empowers users to purchase from a variety of merchants in a single transaction, creating a unique buying experience.

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The Home Depot Associate Discount Program was voted the #1 employee benefit this year. -Home Depot Director of Benefits

I can't tell you how much money I've saved just on even the littlest of things. I start all my shopping here. -Bank of America Employee

We are currently in the process of redesigning our performance management and would love to bring our Director of Learning to see what Next Jump does. -Priceline Head of HR

I'm now responsible for culture at Tenet. I need your immediate guidance. Fascinated with even your hiring practices. -Tenet, Manager of Wellness

A combination of NxJ's core strengths—technology and marketing genius, ONECart has not only helped us increase revenues many fold but more importantly enhanced its customers' user behavior. -1-800 Flowers, Director, Partnerships