Bringing the Store to the Consumer

In today's tough economy, employee savings can have an unbelievable impact on the employee's wallet, without opening the employer's. Next Jump's industry-leading platform can help you save time and money and complete your company's compensation and benefits package.

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Why do companies partner with Next Jump?

Next Jump creates a 1-stop shop with employee pricing from thousands of retailers, manufacturers, and service providers. Your employees will never pay retail again.

Better Selection

26 shopping categories and over 30k national and local merchants.

Better Price

Discounts plus WOWPoints means employees save more money. Your employees will never pay retail again.

Better Technology

No one in our industry is close. This translates into the best products now and in the future.

Why do we get such great pricing?

We leverage the buying power of hundreds of employees and families. By negotiating great offers on your behalf we help everyone save more at over 30,000 national and local merchants, for everything from your everyday purchases (groceries, diapers, pet food) to big-ticket items (cell phones, computers, cars, travel). On top of discounts, Next Jump has built the world's most valuable virtual currency, WOWPoints that can be used at nearly any merchant with no restrictions.