The Next Jump Project is the initiative to better the world by revolutionizing workplace culture

Next Jump Academy

The Academy is our university within the Next Jump Project built to share and teach best practices on workplace culture. Our culture has been recognized by McKinsey & Company, Harvard University, American Heart Association and mentioned as the example by thought leaders including Simon Sinek and Jim Loehr. Through aggressive experimentation, iteration, and making a lot of mistakes, we've developed successful programs which we'd like to scale and share, fueling our mission to change the world by changing workplace culture.

We regularly host leadership teams from a variety of companies for an intensive day of workshops and presentations about our culture and vision. We candidly share our insights and invite attendees to take lessons learned back to their companies. This information sharing is one of the steps in affecting change in workplaces across the country.

Next Jump employees lead attendees through sessions based on various HR modules, including hiring, performance evaluations, and more. We also like to make Academy sessions engaging by inviting participants to partake in workshops and tours that we hope will lend even deeper insight into our culture and mission. Because we've been through many iterations, Academy teachers are ready to help attending teams understand how our initiatives can be effective in their respective companies.

John - Engineer

Rebecca - Developer

Elise - Branding

We would love to have you visit for a day to learn about our culture and how you can adapt it to fit your organization. For more information, please click the link to the right to contact the Academy team

HR Modules

At the core of our culture is the way we handle specific HR initiatives. We have experimented and adapted our practices over time, helping hone in on what does and doesn't work. We take a unique approach to nearly every aspect of workplace culture, focusing intensely on developing our most valuable asset: our employees.

  • Hiring: Next Jump is like a family and we look at hiring similar to adoption. We have 2 processes; one for lateral hires and college recruits. Throughout both processes the exchange of information is key—we want candidates to get to know us as much as we get to know them.
  • Onboarding: We created Personal Leadership Bootcamp for all new hires as a way to assimilate to Next Jump culture and spend time working on areas of development before diving into their full time roles.
  • Development: Development, which we call Better Me at Next Jump, is a key piece of our culture. We’ve found our programs develop leaders and better judgment which in turn helps grow the business. We constantly invest in and grow ourselves so we can better help others.
  • Giving Back: Helping others is essential; it is every person’s purpose. We have found it is powerful to give back in your area of expertise – it allows you to realize what you don’t know. You come back hungry to grow yourself so you can further help others which we call Better You.
  • Recognition: Next Jumpers celebrate the individuals that help others succeed. By creating a system of crowd-sourced, peer nominated rewards we are able to recognize each other on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.
  • Contribution Evaluations: At Next Jump we assess revenue and culture contributions on a quarterly basis. Evaluations create transparency and are about the give and take between an employee and the company.

First Fridays

On the first Friday of every month, we bring in speakers who are experts in their industries to share lessons learned and tips for success. This free event is a platform for individuals to learn from thought leaders and experts on a diverse range of topics.

Culture Tours

We offer regular culture tours lead by our Culture Tour team. Contact us using the link above for information about the schedule or to request a private tour.