Our Culture

Our culture is built on 5 guiding principles. The first four principles, Security, Health, Growth, and Purpose, are key components in creating an environment which makes employees feel cared for and proud. The final principle, consistency over intensity, is weaved into everything we do.

The inspiration for these principles were adapted and implemented from five thought leaders in their industry:


Simon Sinek

Author: Start with Why & Leaders Eat Last

Human beings operate at their best within a circle of safety.

When they are fighting the dangers inside, they are unable to fight the dangers outside.

Dr. Jim Loehr

Co-Founder & Vice President: Human Performance Institute

Engagement is the ability to invest your energy right here, right now.

Stress is how you grow. But you must honor recovery.

Josh Waitzkin

#1 World Ranked Chess Player, Tai Chi World Cup Champion

Growth occurs in levels, however, you do worse before you get better.

Think of failing as an investment in loss.

Dr. Adam Grant

Wharton Professor, Author: Give & Take

The most successful people in the world are Givers. However, they are balanced in Give & Take in the long run.

Nancy Schulman

Head of Avenues Early Learning Preschool

They may not like you at the moment, but love you in the long run.

Establish routines, be consistent.

We provide a safe environment for all NxJers. Learn about our No Fire and Open Book Policy.
Stress is your friend, learn more about our approach to Health and Wellness.
Our Better Me Programs provide areas for NxJers to practice personal growth.
One must be able to give before they can take. See how we give back with our Better You initiatives.
If you aren't growing, you are dying. We are constantly improving.


Security is the foundation of our pyramid. We provide it at both a company level and an individual level.

Open Book Policy

Next Jump is completely transparent with our employees. Financials, company buzz, and metrics are shared at a company level weekly. Knowing and understanding the security of our business model gives Next Jumpers security to grow.

Lifetime Employment Policy

We don't hire employees, we adopt family members. We don't fire at Next Jump, we coach. See Simon Sinek's talk mentioning our Lifetime Employment Policy.

Health & Wellness

It's easier to be healthy at Next Jump. With a Director of Health and Wellness on staff, our fridges and snack bins are stocked with the healthiest food. We also have an on-site fitness center, trainers, as well as showers and locker rooms to make working out easy. This investment in health helps NxJers have the energy to do great things on a daily basis.

Flupocalypse: Next Jump Flu Clinic

This flu shot means I can sleep soundly. New York City is still dirty, but it's nice knowing that my co-workers and I have a defense against its microbiotic intruders. It's comforting working for a company that cares about our health and will continue to support us in the ongoing battle with disease. The most exciting thing about the flu shot, though, was the peace it would finally bring my mother.

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Growth: Better Me

When you are learning something new, you’re going to do it wrong before you know how to do it right. We’ve created an environment where you can aggressively invest in loss and learn from experimenting, taking risks and making mistakes. Our Better Me programs are all around giving Next Jumpers an opportunity to strengthen their weaknesses be it technical skills or character muscles.

Consistent Initiatives

  • Next Jump University
  • Reflections
  • Toastmasters
  • Talking Partners
  • Mentorship
  • CEOTalks

Intense Initiatives

  • Annual Hackathon
  • Dance Competition
  • 10X

Investment in Loss: A Year Later

The proudest I've been was when my cousin (who I consider my sister) said that finding NxJ was the best thing that's happened to me, and I've become a better person because of it. She called out being more open & vulnerable and the noticeable impact that it has had.

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Purpose: Better You

Fulfillment at work is not tied to compensation or working conditions. Of course these things are important, but the two alone don't lead to complete satisfaction at work. Simon Sinek has studied the importance of purpose and helping others — we wanted to bake this component into every job function at Next Jump.

Consistent Initiatives

  • MSD: Make Someone's Day
  • Coronitas
  • NxJ Academy
  • OO.com
  • Top 10
  • Mentoring

Intense Initiatives

  • CFAC: Code for a Cause
  • NxJ Avengers
  • Vendor Appreciation Day

The Most Unforgettable Moment of My Life

The work ethics, culture, the seamless collaboration and flat organization hierarchy that we possess has made me feel so comfortable and be accounted for that I feel even the small contribution to the organization is recognized and appreciated. The ambience of mentorship, care and help gives you that confidence to take up the challenges and work towards the goal.

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